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Whether you’re managing one or a hundred projects, the true value of your digital marketing work comes from being strategic, creative, and innovative. Dexter frees you up by taking away the legwork by automating a huge chunk of your workload, and by helping you stay on top of your projects with intelligent recommendations & alerts.

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Intelligent Recommendations

Dexter looks into your projects and analyses your data in order to come up with intelligent recommendations that will move your projects forward.

It all starts with looking for quick wins, whilst getting the fundamentals right, before moving into more complicated recommendations to help your marketing projects beat their competition.

Some of the recommended actions can be completed automatically by Dexter, saving you time & effort. The actions that you’ll need to take will appear in your checklist with clear instructions to help you through.


Whether you’re running one project, or hundreds – it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of your data in real time. With Dexter, you’ll get intelligence based alerts to tell you if there’s anything that needs attention on any of your projects.

Alerts include actions that need to be taken and significant changes in your data (e.g. traffic drops or spikes). This lets you stay ahead of the game and be proactive rather than reactive, and giving you a better chance of success.

If there’s anything you need to know, we can alert you via email, in a Slack channel of your choice, or in your Dexter account.

Intelligent Marketing Automation

Dexter takes the hard graft away from your digital marketing by automating a whole host of tasks. When you’re freed up to see the bigger picture, you can achieve greater things – and Dexter helps get you there.

By taking care of day-to-day tasks such as AdWords optimisation and SEO tracking, Dexter gives more value to your projects as it’s the same as having a full-time employee working on campaigns at all times, without the same cost.


See all of your projects cross-channel performance in one place quickly, and dive into your data with in-depth project based reporting.

Get all of the key information you need to make decisions, and share with clients in an efficient way to keep you focussed on what really matters.

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